Our Work Core Values
The subset of our beliefs and ideas. These core principles we put as of paramount importance as who we are to you.
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Integrity First

When doing our works, carrying out our responsibilities, and relating to our key stakeholders, integrity always comes forefront.

Building Indonesia

By delivering quality steel efficiently and at competitive pricing, we are fully committed to becoming a reliable and responsible participant in Building a Modern and Advanced Indonesia. We aim to do so by relentlessly pursuing innovations and continuous improvements.

Commited to Construction

We are totally committed to producing and delivering quality steels that are specially designed for Construction (SNI Baja Tulangan Beton 07 – 2052 :2017).


Our goal is to produce the best Quality Steel and delivered in the best-in-class Customer Service. Strength in Product and in Service.

Make it Better

We walk the extra miles, take the extra steps, go the extra distance to make sure we are better today than yesterday and will be better tomorrow than today.

Prudent People Honoring Tax Obligation

We believe in becoming a responsible stakeholder for Indonesia. Therefore, in selling and delivering our products, we insist on abiding by Indonesia's rules and regulations on taxation.

Mari Berbisnis Dengan Kami!

Kami senang dapat mengembangkan bisnis dengan anda. Proyek dan ide anda akan membangun kita bersama menjadi lebih baik.